Sunday, November 18, 2012


Tuesday hubby and I have an appointment...FINALLY.
I've only been waiting two and a half months now. :S
I didn't want to even do it. I tried to avoid it as long as possible but, the facts are the facts.
I need help.
So, cross fingers the appt. goes well and everything goes forward for me to receive disability help.
My medications just get more and more added trying to keep me in line and more and more expensive. Also, more dosages of insulin, and sooner or later I will also have to deal with dialysis of some sort.
I am trying hard not to be scared and worry about what's coming later.
What will be, will be.
I will face my decisions when they come and in the meantime try to stay positive and keep working on the things that I CAN do. No matter how difficult, no matter how frustrating, no matter how depressing, no matter whether or not I want to give up or not....just KEEP ON!
KEEP trying.

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