Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to eat, drink, learn, or try something new

"It is always good to try something new even if you don't keep up with it because every new thing expands your knowledge base."

How I did it: We started a Tai Chi class. I was interested and so we decided to try it but I was not LOVING it so gave it up. If it is not something I LOVE then I know I am not going to commit or keep doing it over the long term.

It took me 25 days.

It made me


Just keeping track of my shot. I'm pretty sure I missed the last one but I've taken this one and I'm back on track. Three weeks from now I'll do it again. REFERENCE point. ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

How to cook something new once a month

"I learned to try one or two new things a week and stick with well known things the rest of the time."

How I did it: It is difficult to change an entire lifestyle and takes TIME. I just searched out recipes to try and committed to trying one or two of them a week. Many times I didn't like them but I also found many awesome cook-again recipes that we ALL loved!

Lessons & tips: Start small and work up to the fancier, more difficult recipes. Added stress is not helpful in the long run.

It took me 30 days.

It made me frustrated

How to take Time to Read!

"I realized how much I miss reading a good story and how inspired I am by them!"

How I did it: Decided at the times when I was not feeling well or had no energy to spend that it would become a reading day. In this way I get the rest I need and I catch up on some good stories!

It took me 30 days.

It made me happy