Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I don't get home until 7 o'clock and then I want to eat because I'm starving!!
Because...it takes so long to hold my arm after till it stops bleeding...not my idea of fun but here's hoping we all get better at it!

Friday, June 29, 2018


From May until the 15th I waited for a surgery appointment On May 15 I had surgery to have a graft put in my arm. So I waited for the graft and my arm to heal for WEEKS! It was swollen a long time and sometimes even still my hand is full of fluid and swollen so I haven't put my rings back on :( but I found one that actually fits so my hand isn't naked! lol
I have since been to see Dr. Gowing twice for check ups and today I will do my first hemo treatment using my graft.
From now on I will be going to hemo 3 times a week again and I am now done with PD ...eventually I will get my pd catheter taken out so at least I can be somewhat back to normal again except for having to go 3 times a week for dialysis...however, I am STILL here!!
It has been a long couple of months but I have had time to breath and I'm still unsure about home hemo but for now I will get used to hemo 3 times a week and see how it goes.
I can tell you today that I have MUCH more energy right now than I have had on PD and I feel pretty good :) Keep on keeping on!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

And On it Goes...

So...on Mon I have an appt in Barrie to get my arm veins mapped and I'm not sure if I have to get surgery or I have to wait longer for that part.
I have been doing 2.5 bags and getting off fluid that way but I don't have anymore and this morning I'm back to 107.2 kg weight...it's fluid and I seem to need 2.5 bags to get it off but then I may get dehydrated so I can't just do 2.5 bags... it's always something isn't it?
The struggle goes on...and on and on...but I am here and still fighting!

Monday, April 9, 2018

The adventure continues...

So...i went fri to get my line change...sat from 1130 to after 2pm...finally got the line sorted and went to dialysis to check in supposedly for 2 hrs but then they said 4! So i had to call hubby to come get me so pop could go home and then my line worked well enough for 2 hrs but doesn't really work better than it ever has so they wanted me to do bloodwork today and then they will let me know but i think i have to go get a graft put in and i have no idea where they are going to put it if i also have to have a fistula which im supposed to be doing soon also. .so the reality is since xmas everything has been out of whack and its hard to settle down because it seems that out of whack is actually just my new reality but i havent sorted out how to roll with it yet! Stress, stress, stress all day long!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ongoing Adventures...

Well, I've been home on PD again since end of Feb. but it's not working that well so I'm going to be doing hemo once a week on Thurs. (I just got off the phone with someone at Red Cross and have a driver to take me every week so phew that's dealt with!) and they have talked me into at the very least having a home visit to see if our house will be ok for home hemo and the work needed to fit the machine into our lives. Fun wow! Suck it up and get on with it girl! ....I'm not that sure I can handle home hemo but hey I didn't know if I could handle PD either and yet I'm still here just living day to day and getting through it. Just gotta get on with it....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Adventure Continues...

Well, I finally got to the surgeon and was told I can go back on PD but apparently there are lots of hurdles to jump through before that can happen. Was supposed to go to Orillia on Thurs. this week but apparently I need Iron so I have to have 3 more sessions of Hemo dialysis and then NEXT week can go to Orillia and PLEASE GOD after that I can go back on PD...I feel like they want me to stay on hemo and I'm arguing the point. I want to try PD until I can't and I'm gonna have to get mean and aggressive if they want to argue with me!! Anyway...one day at a time and today I'm TRYING to fix my comp which had a ransomware program attacking it and has decrypted all my files :( bahhhh if it's not one thing it's another!!
Still here.
Still fighting!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Still having adventures!

Went for dialysis today and it worked for a bit and then it just quit so I didn't actually have my dialysis...they put some stuff in the line and said go back to orillia at 10am mon to see if they can get it to work...OR get yet another line installed! Out! Can you just please put me back on PD??? So we'll see what's up mon....