Wednesday, June 16, 2021

2nd Covid Shot

 In May I received my second shot and only had a sore arm for a day and was a bit more tired and achy than usual but no other issues. Here's hoping all will be well.

Friday, April 23, 2021

1st Covid Shot

 I got it on Tues. the 20th. and possibly get the second in 4 months.

It didn't hurt until the next day but I think that was from sleeping on it. 

Then I was achy and tired but I'm fine today. 

I am stressed for other reasons but I'm sure it will pass.

It's just an insane world we are living in right now and it gets hard to deal with sometimes.

Just breath and carry on...

Fistulagram and Angioplasty

 So March 23 I went to Orillia (in the midst of this Covid world so it was a very stressful day for me because I ONLY go to dialysis and home right now) to have my graft looked at with dye so they could see if it had any problems. I don't know because I didn't see because I was just laying on the table covered in towels but they checked it out, saw what problems there were and then put little balloons inside it to expand it and make it better. So then I went to dialysis because it was my usual dialysis day. So for the WHOLE treatment my BP was 230/115 or something else...they did give me a pill at the end of it to help bring it down a bit but I just basically got home had something to eat and went straight to bed. It was NOT my best day but I must say that it was an improvement over all because my numbers are better now, my clearances are better and there is no more whistle in my graft. HOPEFULLY, my graft will be good for awhile now and I don't have to repeat this day again any time soon!! 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

One Day at a Time

 I've gotten used to dialysis 3 times a week. (Tues, Thurs. Sat. mornings) I thought about switching but I'm happy where I'm at and I am getting comfortable with the other patients. Things have been going pretty well. I've had my graft for about 3 years now. Have to go Mon. to Barrie to get my arm checked out and see how things are looking. Hopefully I can keep this graft for awhile yet but we will see. In the meantime I watch a lot of shows and plug away at building the worlds for a story I hope to write someday. (I do have interests besides fighting to live! lol) Still HERE! One day at a time!!

Friday, August 21, 2020

Checking In

 Going along doing my thing, One Day At A Time.

Took a pic to share in case anyone is curious about the dialysis:

Because I have a graft (a loop graft) the needle on the right goes in at the top. It takes the blood out and runs it through the machine. Then the clean blood comes back in through the bottom needle and while I DO feel much better doing hemodialysis than I did doing PD dialysis, I'm always tired on dialysis days and I usually nap or at least laze around because standing up sometimes gives me a headache. My body feels achy and sore and really it shouldn't be a surprise because dialysis is like making your heart run a I look like a person who WANTS to run a marathon?

I am grateful anyways for every day, even the dialysis days.

Keep breathing and cherish the moments!

Friday, October 18, 2019

One Day at a Time

So far things are going pretty well on dialysis. I'm just getting into a  better frame of mind for doing more things in life so I've been working on my blogs again and I wrote a 365 days of the word poem book that has been published on I also have been working on my books. I'm writing a very ambitious series of books but first I am world building and it is a LOT of work. I WILL keep working and trying and someday I will actually tell the stories!!