Thursday, November 1, 2012

Proper Menu

It's been a long time since I could work on proper menus for the week because we ran into some money issues from hubby's lack of work back in August and got behind.
We're still not caught up. I HAVE applied for disability and I'm waiting for an appointment so I can
actually send the information and get my doctor to sign for me.
If I don't get my appointment soon I have an appointment next week with a social worker who will advocate for me and try to hurry the process.
It was hard enough to admit and accept and ASK for help in the first place and what I get is hassle and SLOW process? I'm frustrated for sure. I NEED the help and if I don't get it before hubby gets laid off for the year I won't get it at all. :(
At least I know my diabetic nurse can help me with insulin in case of emergency. Thank GOD for that!
I DON'T want to know what happens when I stop taking it!!
Anyway, from now on I'm just going to keep track of what I'm eating no matter how crappy it is.
I will do the best I can and n the meantime hope for better than this.

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