Friday, November 23, 2012

Now I Wait

Phew that was a busy, busy week!
Tues. afternoon our appt. at disability. Wed. morning an appt. with Dr. to sign my papers.
Thurs. give the Dr. my portion of the papers. All put in envelope and I hope mailed on Fri. like they told me it would be. And NOW I wait to see if I am going to get help.
I HOPE it is a yes and it doesn't take 6 months like they say it can.
I have had a lot of stress and I'm hoping it is done for awhile now! I napped almost every day this week! I've also had headaches a lot. :(
Trying not to worry and just to accept that what will be, will be but I worry.
So I take a deep breath. AND I believe.

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