Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feel Better

I have three months till next visit to try and lose 10 pounds so I can have a buried tube put in for PD dialysis and then will be ready for it when it is needed or if I crash from sickness and lose my kidneys all of a sudden.
I'm happier knowing that I CAN do PD because I think it will be the least intrusive and easier to manage once I know what I have to do and get everything figured out.
I didn't really realize how much I DON'T want a fistula and hemo dialysis until I was sure that I don't HAVE to have it. WOW!
I hope it is still a long way away from me but I'm ready to face the journey if it is not.
Dialysis will be ok.
I CAN do this!!

From now on Aranesp will be taken every 2 weeks. ;)

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