Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Changes

So...I added more fluid after last clinic (but still just 2 bags at 4 cycles) and then after new clinic it seemed to be working but since my bloodwork I am having some issues. Monday I start a new bag of something or other that will be inside until i hook up at night again (and will drain then) and hopefully it will help.
Not having functioning kidneys anymore makes things more difficult. In addition my potassium is still low so I'm starting a potassium pill in a day or two and my iron is low so I have to take a shot every 5 days instead of once a week and in Dec I will be going to have an iron infusion to help this I'm a bit stressed but I'm just trying to breath and figure it out.
I'm not working, creating or Christmasing at all today...just reading comp and thinking about what it would feel like to be warm! lol (soooo cold!! I hate winter time!!)

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