Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Check In

Every day is a new day.
Every moment will pass.
I am just going along living day to day. Reading, writing (world building), drawing, watching shows...watching a lot of shows lol.
I changed from 3 cycles to 4 but still only two bags and so far it's ok. I may have to add a day dwell later on but until then...I'm trying to appreciate my time.
I COULD get a little more exercise...it's a problem for me because I HATE being tired (which I am a lot and am in transition to one shot per week of my aranesp for that) but I'm still thinking about it lol...we did go for a walk a couple of weeks ago (family picnic) and I went for a swim (well more like a wade) but having the option is GOOD and I do appreciate that. I was VERY tired afterwards and had to nap in my hammock for a bit but it was a GOOD day and I'm happy we did it! :)
Living for small moments! :)

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