Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FB Status Yesterday

I am happy when I'm going along doing my thing...being mindful of my yes/no's and not going too far offside...sugar's good, BP good, mentally ok, feeling not too bad, not too tired, no gout flare ups (pain) for ages, emotions under control...NO stress at the moment, can focus on some things, AND hope for tomorrow...for a little wee bit of time I can delude myself that I am "normal"...unfortunately it is more than probable that the sicko lunatic and the disease living inside of me will wrestle for control and WIN...they battle me a lot. I WANT to be positive. I want to move forward. I want to enjoy the parts of my life that I CAN but, MOST of all things I just want to LIVE my life with the most dignity possible in the midst of insanity, illness and even my own weakness and negative attitude. I AM learning and growing and I don't mind saying that it is DAMN hard some days...my point is simply to share the expression of ONE "sick" person's journey so you can possibly understand...a LOT of what is happening to me is INSIDE and invisible to you. That doesn't mean it doesn't matter. If YOU are aware of someone or are related to someone going through such a journey...take one small moment of your time to let them know they are not alone or forgotten. They don't want you to FIX them...not all of them anyway...they just want to know you are there and that you do care. It can shine a light into the darkness. You have NO idea how bright that little light shining can be. (I am NOT asking for this myself...I am using MY words to share and hopefully inspire someone...anyone to open their eyes for someone else's NEED...I have words...many people do NOT.) ON my UP days I HAVE to shine a light. This is MY candle...please share the flame. ~KDB

Shine your OWN light into the darkness and pay it forward. xo

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