Friday, January 26, 2018


Well, I have not checked in here for a long while and I was going along doing my thing for awhile and then...
I had a bowel blockage in a hernia under my belly button and as of Dec 16th 2017 I got sick to my stomach and it only got worse from there! I checked into Bracebridge hospital on the 18th (not by choice but I had to because I was very sick) and I was instructed to bring my cycler in there and do my dialysis there until Orillia could get me transferred. On the 19th I was given a tube in my nose to help suck out the stuff in my belly and help stop the puking all day. Unfortunately the tube bothered me and I still puked a time or two (excessive yuck in my belly :( ) Then on the 20th I was transferred to Orillia hospital . That evening I had emergency surgery to correct the hernia and blockage (they said they were going to take out my PD catheter and I would have to switch to Hemo dialysis) but when they did the surgery it was a simple problem and they did NOT remove the catheter after all. So I had staples in my  belly, a PD catheter still attached and then they installed a permanent access line for Hemo dialysis in my chest and sent me down for 3 hrs of dialysis. At this point I still had the tube in my nose and I still hadn't eaten anything ...I hadn't eaten anything but a few crackers since Sat the 16th. I can't remember if it was the 22nd or the 23 when they started giving me liquids and I had chicken broth, jello, and tea and the chicken broth tasted like heaven! (It was just standard chicken broth you chicken broth...) but I hadn't eaten in a LONG time by then so it tasted pretty darn good!!
I think actually they started liquids on the 23 because in the night of the 22nd my nurse let me take the tube out of my nose and I had already had two 3 hr sessions of dialysis by then so having the tube out made me feel a hundred percent better!
So I was there until Xmas eve and I had another session of Dialysis and then they allowed me to go home for Xmas!! I was very weak and didn't do any of the things that I planned for Xmas but I was at HOME with my boys and couldn't have been happier to be anywhere else!
Even pop and Denise came by to see us and say hi!
Since then I have been going back and forth to Orillia for dialysis 3 times a week. I was waiting to be able to go to Huntsville which is closer but they had to know things were all good first before they could send me. My access line was NOT very good though and as of Jan 11, 2018 I had another surgery to replace it. Without checking it I started dialysis in Huntsville on Sat Jan 13, 2018 line worked!! I have been going there Tues, Thurs and Sat every week and hopefully after I see the surgeon again in Feb. I will be able to go back on PD again.
In the meantime this is just a speed bump in the road (or if you like an adventure) and it too will pass!
After ALL of that I must just say that I am grateful to be here, alive and still kicking!!

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