Thursday, November 7, 2013


OMG! It's shot day! Apparently my internal clock or whatever it is that learns to keep track (because I'm mentally deficient and  SO forgetful) is working because I woke up from a nap thinking, Hey! It's Thurs. and isn't it Aranesp day? and looked at my calendar which did NOT say so (because I forgot to put it in-no way to set for every two weeks) but I looked back 2 weeks and what do ya know? It IS shot day!
So I haven't taken it yet but it is sitting beside me getting to room temp so I will very soon.

Some parts of me are working and doing what they are supposed to! I'm often very distracted and very easily and always mind racing a mile a minute so it is hard to destress myself but, naps help because I can't be "busy" while I'm sleeping! Only then I have to stay up later cause I've slept half the day away...maybe I should rethink and redo and have a better system but ...whatever!

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